Scott Beibin

Scott Beibin is an inventor, open source technologist, self taught engineer, vegan environmental activist and founder of many projects in the realm of ecologically regenerative systems, horizontal organization, and experiential arts production.

In addition to creating ecologically friendly technologies, he’s the Co-founder of the Evil Twin Booking agency (with Elizabeth-Jane Cole) representing and doing strategy for Pussy Riot, Boots Riley, Glenn Greenwald, Alex and Allyson Grey, Vandana Shiva and other public figures. He was the founder of the seminal 1990s DIY hardcore/punk label Bloodlink Records as well as founder of the touring Lost Film Festival from the 2000s. He currently serves as technical and strategic advisor for several decentralization tech projects.

His current projects include:
Mandelbot Ecotech
Groucho Fractal

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Mandelbot Ecotech (A design philosophy)
Scott Beibin

In this talk, inventor Scott Beibin will be sharing the Mandelbot Ecotech philosophy that he developed for ecological machine design that respects human freedom and autonomy.

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