Anonymity as Self Defense
10-02, 14:00–14:45 (Europe/Prague), Studio 2 - Slévárna

What's crypto's line of self defense against hegemony and centralisation? This talk will analyze privacy projects, macro economy and crypto narratives through the scope of lunarpunk and historical lessons.

Crypto has the potential to help bring about a more decentralized and democratic future. But what happens when our dream of challenging monopoly becomes a reality? Can the crypto space defend against state-level attacks, such as criminalization, assimilation, and the divide-and-conquer barrage? This talk will analyse privacy projects and expose some weaknesses in crypto's defenses. It will offer some insights on the lunarpunk cycle and its attempt to build parallel infrastructures, culture and reality.

Revolutionary, anarchist, pagan. Counter-economics, Linux, Python.
Inspiration from Rojava revolution and historical examples of resistance. Exploring possibilities of alternative structures of people's economy, market analysis and philosophy. Code is power, power to the people!