Blockchain Surveillance, Cyber Mercenaries, and Intelligence
10-01, 17:00–17:45 (Europe/Prague), Studio 1

A peek into the overlap between blockchain analysis companies, private spyware firms, and government intelligence agencies.

This presentation will explore the corner of our industry that is occupied by so-called blockchain analysis companies, who (dis)claim many guises: analysts, scientists, artists, crime-fighting detectives and spies. Where is the line between analysis and surveillance? What is their relationship with existing techniques, infrastructure, and norms shared with private hacking and spyware businesses, as well as nation-state intelligence apparati? And what could we do about it?

See also: Slides (2.8 MB)

Janine is a privacy researcher and investigative journalist focused on Bitcoin and (counter)surveillance. Author of "This Month in Bitcoin Privacy" newsletter, a board member of Open Sats, and committee member for the CryptoCurrency Certification Consortium (C4).