Using and building on Nym: application and network level privacy for developers and cypherpunks
10-02, 12:00–12:45 (Europe/Prague), Studio 1

Nym offers two core technologies for network and application level metadata privacy. This talk will cover the current state of using the network with different applications such as chat apps and wallets, the architecture of these technologies, and how developers can build on Nym.

The chances of a state adversary turning against you is higher than ever for a growing percentage of the global population. Nym aims to solve this problem for everyone.

The talk will give an overview of the architecture of Nym and the parts of the stack that it protects: metadata obfuscation and sender anonymity at the network level, and privacy-preserving access credentials called Coconut at the app level.

This talk will show how users can use Nym to privacy-enhance standard desktop applications such as Telegram and Signal, as well as Monero, Bitcoin, and Ethereum wallets via either the Beta application NymConnect, or manually with our socks5 proxy client.

Finally, we invite developers to start building apps utilizing the powerful privacy protections offered by Nym, such as anonymous email and crypto transaction broadcasting. And invite developers to apply for grants via our Shipyard grants program!

The crypto wars continue. Join us.

Max Hampshire is Developer Relations Officer for Nym, and has previously worked as a DAO smart contract engineer, writer, and artist. He has a background in philosophy.