Blockchain as a tool to improve democracy
10-02, 12:00–12:55 (Europe/Prague), Studio 2 - Slévárna

Even though there is no state where democracy would be completely efficient, the fact is that it is the current political system. We can improve it by implementing blockchain "features" within the system and thereby make the whole system better and faster.

There are many issues with the current democratic system, as everyone attending this congress knows. From my perspective, the main issues are:
1. The fact that we choose representatives based on promises and limited facts.
2. If the conditions change and the representatives do not have the necessary skills to solve complex situations like pandemics and wars, for example, we do not currently have any tools at hand to be able to change that.
3. There are major policies that our governments implement that affect the population as a whole. However, the population is not given the option to organize a quick referendum, or they do not care about the policies.
The solution I propose is to use blockchain for voting on the state and even the city level, to make our democracy much more efficient.