Hacking Democracy (and how to win WW3)
10-02, 14:00–15:00 (Europe/Prague), Institute of Cryptoanarchy

Any issue that a government is either unwilling, incapable or unable to address to the community’s satisfaction can be resolved by the community itself in a fully transparent, documented, participatory manner.

Just as Bitcoin is designed to bypass banks, PhD shows communities how to bypass the upper layers of their governments and self-govern into efficient, self-sustainable entities.

Using a mix of existing methods and technologies along with open ended, open source self-governance management systems that expand and adjust to the needs of any organization/region, people can directly tackle issues, run projects and operations that sustain and grow them and their communities.

From infrastructure to policy, communities can direct themselves and become wiser in the process.

Philosopher Democracies (PhD)
is a system of tools that allows groups of any scale to manage themselves effectively and fairly.

Don is the founder of Philosopher Democracies (PhD) and has 37 years in IT as an independent Project Manager and consultant/contractor/instructor & advisor to Canadian federal, provincial and municipal governments, corporations and SMEs. Using his exposure to engineering and anthropology/psychology, he developed a niche career bridging the gap between business directors/management and technologists.

Don also spent 7 years as flight instructor for the Freedom Flight School that he started with his business partner which became the largest paragliding school in Canada.