Counter inteligence: Defending against the cognitive warfare
09-30, 13:00–13:45 (Europe/Prague), Studio 1

The talk will be brief overview of cognitive threats we are facing these days.
Methods for detection and measurement will be disclosed. With help of ML it is possible not only detect the manipulation but also monitor the perpetrator and produce the antidote!

We all have brains, that ingest and process everything we see and hear regardless we want to.
This fact is abused in what is now called the cognitive warfare. Aim of this talk is to present the most often routes to our brains, used by so called "Advanced persistent manipulators" and the ideas how to measure the "psy ops" in digital world.

Jindrich is a Senior Cyber Threat Researcher working for Trend Micro.
Also, security data scientist known as 4n6strider.
The main focus of his research is the domain of cognitive warfare, (cyber) espionage and advanced persistent threats and manipulators.