Can Tech Serve Humanity?
10-02, 19:00–19:45 (Europe/Prague), Studio 1

Given that so many of the serious problems facing us today were created by past technologies, is it possible to create tech that overall helps, rather than harms? This talk explores this important question.

“Tech is good.” “Tech is bad.” “Tech is neutral.” Whatever tech is, it changes our world. It helps. It hurts. It connects us. It isolates us. It changes our environment. It helps some more than others. Creating tech is an inherent part of being human. It isn’t going away. Given the incentives inherent in our economies, the nature of governments for increasing their power, and the nature of corporations to put profits over essentially anything else, along with the need for individuals to earn enough money to eat and have shelter -- is it even possible to create technologies that serve humanity and support the environment that supports life? If so, can these technologies help create a future where we do much more good than harm? How do we begin to wade through these questions? In my decades of playing with and making a living from a wide variety of fields in tech, I’ve come up with a few of my own ideas. Perhaps they can be of some inspiration for others.

San Francisco-based hacker and inventor, Chief Scientist and CEO of Cornfield Electronics