Life is short, Bitcoin is forever
10-01, 13:00–13:45 (Europe/Prague), Studio 1

What would happen to your coins if you were to die in the next three hours? Would they be lost forever? Would your relatives be able to recover them?

Descriptors, timelocks, taproot. 0% custodians.

The premise

We don't like custodians. Not your keys, not your coins.

The problem

Self custody of Bitcoin is hard. Making sure that your relatives can access your coin after your death, but can't steal them before your death, is even harder.

The solution

...You'll have to listen to my talk to find out. Sorry, no spoilers!

Daniela is a Bitcoin developer working mainly on wallets – she is now dedicated full time to BDK, a library for seamlessly building highly-customizable Bitcoin wallets.