Transformative Autonomous Organizations: A new DAO subclass (Remote Talk)
10-02, 19:00–19:45 (Europe/Prague), Studio 2 - Slévárna

The Transformative Autonomous Organization (TAO) is a DAO subclass, and includes six foundational elements: autonomous adaptivity (α), anonymous functioning (φ), labor dissolution (δ), synergetic coexistence (χ), cosmic stewardship (σ), and autarkic experimentation (ε).

TAOs are lunarpunk, with their anonymous core. And a TAOist is an organization rocket scientist. TAOists help contribute to advancing the TAO model in order to reach escape velocity in relation to cooperation, freedom, and minimizing dystopia. They create TAOs and contribute research and ideas toward advancing the six elements.

This talk will introduce the concept of TAOs and the six elements, will make a case for why we need more organization rocket scientists, and why transforming the organization is key to transforming society.

Stellar Magnet has been in the DAO ecosystem since 2017, contributing to communities such as MolochDAO, AssangeDAO, BrightID, and Space Decentral. Currently she is catalyzing Black Sky, an emerging DAO (TAO) on a mission to minimize dystopia and maximize harmony with the cosmos.

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