Who Are We Shooting At... And Why?
09-30, 18:00–18:45 (Europe/Prague), Studio 1

What, to us, is “winning”? And how do we attain it? We must have a clear and coherent vision of victory, and an effective path to it. Strategy, philosophy and passion must rise together. Make no small plans.

If we are to take winning seriously, we must examine it seriously. More than that, we must engage ourselves in it, effectively and efficiently. We have more ability and more opportunity than we’ve understood: We are, in the most important ways, better than our opponents. An open door stands before us; we must recognize it and use it.

Paul Rosenberg is the author of the Free-Man’s Perspective newsletter and the co-founder of Cryptohippie. He is also the author of A Lodging of Wayfaring Men, Production Versus Plunder, and The Breaking Dawn. He is a co-author of The New Age of Intelligence.