Strength In Numbers
09-30, 17:00–17:45 (Europe/Prague), Studio 1

We live in a world where our data is monetized, privacy is an afterthought, and many feel rudderless in the chaos. How do we rebuild a broken world?

Somewhere between burning it all down and full compliance lies a path to a better world. This talk will explore how we find strength, through connection: friendship, ideas & ideals, aligned groups, work, creativity, and community.

How do you realize your mission and begin to build it out? The author's first two talks: Death of the Old Guard and Rebuild, given in 2020, explored why we put in the effort, and why now. This talk provides insight into how we do this.

Don't fight the world as it is, build a better one. Watch this talk to find out how.

Cypherpunk, founder & host of the hele , Alexandra interviews founders, leaders and developers from around the globe. She has a solid understanding of emerging technologies including Bitcoin, and synthetic intelligence/machine learning (AI).