Game of Drones: making sovereignty great again
10-02, 13:00–13:45 (Europe/Prague), Studio 2 - Slévárna

The idea of individual sovereignty lies at the core of the foundation of cryptoanarchy. Last years had revealed that sovereignty can’t be purely digital. So while the ideas of cypherpunks are required and stuff like privacy-based technologies are a must have, we can’t survive and go into the future of the society we’d like to build with just them.

In this talk we will re-asses how physical security can be built as a part of Citadel concept and will unleash our roadmap - as well as the report on the work in progress we are performing. This includes both geographic setup able to resist even potential nuclear war, strong production facilities emphasising autarchy from the supplier chains - and the links to the privacy tech were were building last years (RGB smart contracts based on zero knowledge).

Maxim is a cypherpunk and a thinker designing - and building systems which can tolerate strong adversaries, including government-based. In 2018 together with the group of similar-minded people he started the project Pandora, which resulted in building privacy-based RGB smart contracts with zero knowledge. This year he will unleash the further development of the ideas from Pandora projects, including related to personal physical safety and building societies of a new form.