Vexl: Mobile app for discreet bitcoin trading (Workshop)
09-30, 14:00–15:00 (Europe/Prague), Institute of Cryptoanarchy

Bitcoin has been in the hands of institutions for far too long. Mobile app Vexl aims to introduce the simplest way how to buy and sell bitcoin as it was intended - peer-to-peer and without KYC.

Agenda of the workshop:

  1. Introduction - Why is it important to buy bitcoin discreetly?
    A walk through the real stories of people on their way to buy bitcoin.

  2. Implementation details
    How did Vexl come to life and what makes it unique?

  3. Lessons Learned from Launch
    About the success, we did not see coming.

  4. Demo (you can join!) and AMA session
    Get hands-on experience with the app!

Lea is a co-founder and CEO of Vexl, a mobile app that allows its users to buy and sell bitcoin as it was intended - peer-to-peer and without KYC. She is fascinated with parallel societies. Her inspiration is people who are not afraid to experiment and bring to life the most courageous ideas using the most original ways.

Grafton is a technical specialist at SatoshiLabs, utilizing years of blockchain experience and knowledge-gathering to provide customers with expert insight into the world of cryptocurrency. He develops technical guides and manuals for Bitcoin adopters, whilst ensuring that he stays ahead of the game in this ever-changing market. Whilst the sector may be dynamic, Grafton believes that Bitcoin will always remain an opportunity to protect individuality and freedom.