Hackers Congress Paralelní Polis 2023

Amir Taaki

As part of the forming Bitcoin community, Amir became an early Bitcoin developer, author of the BIP process, and the Libbitcoin implementation. With contributions to many free and open-source projects, he collaborated with Cody Wilson on launching Darkwallet and laid the foundations for OpenBazaar. Later, he spent nearly 2 years in the Rojava revolution, first for nearly 4 months fighting in the YPG and then working for the administration on economic projects. Today, Amir is focused on the DarkFi project, a network bringing anonymity to decentralized finance, and is still working towards building an agonistic revolutionary hacker movement.

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DarkFi: Defining The Metaphysics of Markets
Amir Taaki

When we leverage crypto, we are tapping into cosmic energy to lend us strength in our struggle for freedom. As governments wage war on crypto markets, we are forced to reach deep into our wellspring of wisdom, and summon the most powerful spirits from deep within nature.

The DarkFi codex records cryptographic oracula sibyllina written in hexameter verse. This talk will examine metaphysical theory and show practical examples of summoning lunar energy.

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Panel discussion | End of Empire and Rise of the Parallel Society
Jarrad Hope, Ryan Lackey, Amir Taaki, Pavol Luptak

We stand at the precipice and the end of the empire. From this will emerge political strains vying to define the next emergent era.

The original vision of crypto was to expand the space of freedom, rendering a parallel economic society free from the influence of state domination. Gradually our community was infiltrated by statists and scammers who clouded that vision.

States will react with force by combining the IRS with the CIA, increasingly unmasking their authoritarian tendency as we raise the stakes. For inevitably, cybermoney controlled by markets will transcend fiat money issued by states. The high priority is to step up our game and start moving towards the realization of this eventuality.

We must get back on track, and formulate a paradigm that can enable us to unlock the original promise still latent within this tech. But still important questions remain on metaphysics, philosophy, strategy, and tactics. This panel will discuss the core heart of our movement- its vision.

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Panel discussion | The Economics of Free Software
Amir Taaki, Richard M. Stallman

Free Software has been wildly successful, but it is also heavily infiltrated and captured by hostile predatory corporations. The biggest issue facing the movement has been the lack of funding. Computing itself which once was about interlinking systems has started looking into where users are trapped on spying devices slaves to content delivered by "the cloud".

How do we formulate and orient the modern vision of computing towards society? How can we construct a collaborative p2p paradigm that empowers users rather than making them farm animals for surveillance megasystems? How can we utilize modern cryptocurrency and token-econ techniques to enable value capture for provisioning services?

Join this panel where the father of free software and GNU/Linux reflects on these topics together with YOU the audience.

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