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Victoria Jones

Dr Victoria Collette Jones is an award-winning dentist, who has worked in the UK dental industry for over twenty years. Her experience with Bitcoin came in 2016 when she introduced Bitcoin as a payment method to her business. Victoria now works as a Bitcoin Advocate, supporting individuals and businesses that are similarly interested in adopting Bitcoin as a payment method. Through her newsletters and talks, she shares what she knows about finance, history and politics to support the adoption of Bitcoin. She published her first book ‘Truth Decay - How Bitcoin Fixes This, Unveiling The Path To Financial Freedom’ in March 2020. You can learn more about her and her work at www.SatoshisPage.com

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CBDC's - A Dystopian Future?
Victoria Jones

In this talk I consider Central Bank Digital Currencies - CBDC's. Are they leading us towards a dystopian future? If so, why or why not? How do we explain to our friends, family and colleagues why Bitcoin is a better solution? Are they likely to believe us? In this talk, using my experience of learning about and using Bitcoin as a payment method in my dental retail business. I explore what the banks are attempting to achieve with CBDC's, how and why we can fight against them and I consider whether or not these strategies are likely to be successful.