Hackers Congress Paralelní Polis 2023

Juraj Bednar

Juraj is a serial entrepreneur and founder of Progressbar, Paralelná Polis, and Hacktrophy. He wrote several books, his latest one being “Cryptocurrencies – hack your way to a better life”. He creates online courses and content about privacy, crypto, and entrepreneurship.

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Welcome to the Dark Forest - a pathway to resistance
Juraj Bednar

Resisting by leaving into a parallel society - be it Galt’s Gulch or the Lunarpunk’s Dark Forest - seems like giving up. The big and hierarchical has won and we withdraw into our little bunker. Or do we? The long-tail of cryptoanarchy, fringe spaces and magical dark forests might contain many surprises. Why peer to peer adoption, almost invisible interactions and cryptoanarchist projects actually matter more than even the cryptoanarchists believe.

Paralelní Polis decade
Juraj Bednar, Pavol Luptak, Martin Leskovjan

Paralelní Polis represents a non-state, non-profit entity, birthed in 2014 amidst the creative activism of the Ztohoven collective. The annals of time have witnessed our continued stewardship of the esteemed Hackers Congress. As we now converge to bring its momentous tenth iteration to a reverent closure, we simultaneously embark on a meaningful commencement of the tenth chapter in the chronicles of Paralelní Polis. How has this profound social experiment metamorphosed and evolved over the epochs, and how might its venerable progenitors distill its essence and triumphs, as they reflect upon its myriad passages?

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