Hackers Congress Paralelní Polis 2023

J. Gdanski

J. Gdanski is the Founder and CEO of Evertas, where he has led Evertas’s technical development and underwriting, as well as secured multiple fund rounds from top investors; he is a security, privacy, and risk expert.

Prior to launching Evertas, he was a leader in the enterprise blockchain space and was one of the first to work on institutional custody for crypto. In this capacity he served as an early, significant contributor to blockchain consortia including R3 and Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, of which he was a founding member. He was an integral part of the first enterprise blockchain RFP and has worked on numerous blockchain-based systems. He was the first dedica

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Privacy is Security
J. Gdanski

Privacy and security were viewed as two distinct areas with some overlap, however with the ubiquitous access to PII, robust OSINT and commercial TTPs, and scalable, efficient social engineering this is no longer the case: you cannot have security without privacy (and vice versa). We will discuss:
-Why the historically these were separate areas
-How technology has been a large driver of necessitating (and facilitating) strong privacy
-How regulation, laws, "fraud prevention", etc are eroding privacy and security
-What can you do?
-What does are the long term policy implications of our current path and what can be done to fix it