Hackers Congress Paralelní Polis 2023

Dr. Maxim Orlovsky

I am a transhumanist and cypherpunk performing scientific, engineering and business activities.

My primary focus is building foundations for the future - foundations, which will unlock the full potential of individuals, enabling self-sovereignty, privacy and censorship-resistance. This is the future of vertical progress and humanity's evolution into forms much outside of what current collectivistic society can propose or allow.

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Cyphernet: Unlocking privacy & empowering self-sovereignty
Dr. Maxim Orlovsky

In the world where ever increasing surveillance has become the new norm, privacy is a necessity. But it’s not easy to build your own privacy setup, as it requires many components: resources, infrastructure and of most importantly - tools and protocols that can’t compromise or give away your data.

Cyphernet's goal is to bring such tools to the masses thus empowering individuals in their resistance to the global surveillance.

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