Hackers Congress Paralelní Polis 2023


With over 20 years of expertise in Free Software and Open Hardware, tech entrepreneur Alexander Poltorak has been involved with the Bitcoin ecosystem since its early days. He has been working as a Bitcoin consultant since 2016. He is an advocate of Libre Software, cryptography and all technologies empowering sovereign individuals and helping preserve the core values of anonymity, privacy, censorship resistance, decentralisation and security.

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Mastering Specter-DIY: From Compilation to Bitcoin Transactions
polto, Darko

Join us for a hands-on Specter-DIY workshop, where Cypherpunks craft their Bitcoin Hardware Wallets. Dive into the world of this DIY air-gapped wallet, exploring its QR code communication, security model, and design trade-offs. We'll navigate Bitcoin testnet transactions, harness the simulator, and delve into key security features like anti-phishing, PIN, and SC integrations. By the session's end, grasp the robustness of DIY wallets and the nuances of secure self-custody.

Institute of Cryptoanarchy