Hackers Congress Paralelní Polis 2023

Resisting the criminalization of the fundamental right to privacy
09-30, 16:00–16:45 (Europe/Prague), Studio 1

In this talk, I will look at regulatory design space for privacy preserving measures for blockchain transactions, which is quickly shrinking due to increasing regulatory scrutiny. I will cover the recent regulatory attack on Tornado Cash. I will look current practical measures and how our fundamental rights and the economic analysis of the surveillance and compliance industry may help us to resist this encroachment.

Silke Noa is an activist lawyer and mathematician with a passion for privacy tech. Silke has advised blockchain projects since 2014 focusing on legal product design that is pragmatic and dispute-resistant. Silke is admitted to practice law in England & Wales, New York and Germany and is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators.