Hackers Congress Paralelní Polis 2023

Self host everything
09-30, 12:00–13:50 (Europe/Prague), Institute of Cryptoanarchy

In this workshop, participants will receive a free month of hosting on host4coins and learn how to install self-hosted versions of popular tools. Nextcloud (for shared applications), Cryptpad (for collaboration on documents), and ISPConfig (for hosting your own websites) are examples of what participants will learn to install and run. Cap at 15 pax. A laptop with internet connection is required to participate and access to a registered domain name to point at the server is a plus. Linux command line experience is strongly recommended.

Ketominer is a cypherpunk and self-hosting enthusiast known for being the founder of Nodl, that produces Bitcoin and Lightning Network nodes for personal and business use. He is also the founder of Host4Coins, a service that allows users to pay for server hosting services using Bitcoin.

His focus on self-hosting and decentralized technologies reflects his commitment to individual privacy and control over personal data. Through his work with Nodl and Host4Coins, he has helped to advance the cause of decentralized technologies and empower individuals to take control of their digital lives.