Hackers Congress Paralelní Polis 2023

Robust data dissemination with IPFS
10-01, 15:00–15:45 (Europe/Prague), Slévárna

The interplanetary file system is a decentralized system for storage and transfer of content addressed data. IPFS has seen success over the last decade in providing resilient access to threatened content. This talk will look at the mechanisms in IPFS that can be used for reliable data transfer, and cover the various threat models that can be defended against with the protocol.

My work centers on how to make a more resilient web. To that end, I've worked on projects ranging from internet-wide measurement to privacy-protecting messaging systems. I currently work on privacy and data transfer protocols at Protocol Labs.

I've been a ski instructor, relocated to Germany, speak some Chinese, and enjoy playing with fire. I taught computer science in pyongyang.