Hackers Congress Paralelní Polis 2023

DarkFi Smart Contracts and Anonymous Engineering
09-29, 15:00–16:50 (Europe/Prague), Institute of Cryptoanarchy

This will be a technical workshop and a lesson on how to write smart contracts for DarkFi.
We will implement two basic smart contracts and show how we can compose them together to implement anonymous protocols.

Good knowledge of Rust is required to participate and be able to follow the workshop.
No technical support will be given for Windows or Mac computers.

You will have to have the native and the wasm32 rust toolchains installed.
Additionally we will set up a local DarkFi testnet where we can deploy and use our smart contracts.

The workshop resources will be provided at https://github.com/parazyd/hcpp23-workshop

parazyd is a free software developer, currently working and leading the development efforts on DarkFi and anonymous engineering.