Hackers Congress Paralelní Polis 2023

Enter the World of Hacktivation Hub: Where Innovation and Imagination Collide

  • 09-29, 13:00–18:00, Hacktivation Hub
  • 09-30, 13:00–19:00, Hacktivation Hub
  • 10-01, 13:00–19:00, Hacktivation Hub

All times in Europe/Prague

Welcome to the Hacktivation Hub, where the boundaries between imagination and innovation blur, and the possibilities are limitless. Step into a realm where technology and human curiosity converge to redefine the future. Within these walls, we invite you to explore, learn, and experience the extraordinary.

🔌 Implantation Station - Embrace the Microchip Marvel

At our Implantation Station, the future is literally at your fingertips. Immerse yourself in the captivating world of under-skin technology, where innovation meets precision. Here, you can embark on a journey that goes beyond the conventional, as our experts guide you through the art of getting 'chipped.' Witness how your body transforms into a canvas for connectivity, and discover the potential of microchip marvels. It's a clinical yet extraordinary experience that pushes the boundaries of what's possible in the world of tech.

💻 Badge Clinic - Unleash Your Inner Hardware Hacker

For those eager to explore the inner workings of electronic badges and push the limits of their hardware hacking abilities, the Badge Clinic is your sanctuary. Dive deep into the intricate features of your electronic badges, conduct experiments, and embrace the role of a creative hardware hacker. Our dedicated electronics instructors will be by your side, guiding you through each step of the process. Here, the clinic becomes your canvas, and innovation knows no bounds.

🦾🌿 Explore the Future with Mandelbot Ecotech: Unveiling SURFA

Step into a world of ecological responsibility and open-source ingenuity, where the future is shaped through technologies like SURFA, the Scalable Universal Robotic Frame Assembly. At Mandelbot, the core design philosophy takes inspiration from the elegance of natural systems, emphasizing symmetry, scalability, and modularity. SURFA is a testament to the commitment to environmental impact reduction, utilizing compostable bioplastics, recycled materials, and off-the-shelf components.

The Hacktivation Hub is where ideas come to life, curiosity is rewarded, and the future is yours to shape. ENTER OUT.

Mitch Altman is an international hacker, inventor, entrepreneur, author, mentor, best known for starting Noisebridge hackerspace and inventing TV-B-Gone, which turns off TVs in public places. He did pioneering work in virtual reality in the mid 1980s and was co-founder of 3ware, a successful Silicon Valley startup in the 1990s. He mentors, teaches soldering, and promotes open hardware and community wherever he goes.

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TEDxBrussels talk: "The Hackerspace Movement":

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Scott is an inventor, open-source technologist, self-taught engineer, vegan environmental activist, and founder of many projects in the realm of ecologically regenerative systems, horizontal organization, and experiential arts production. In addition to creating ecologically friendly technologies, he’s the Co-founder of the Evil Twin Booking agency representing and doing strategy for Pussy Riot, Boots Riley, Glenn Greenwald, Alex, and Allyson Grey, Vandana Shiva, and other public figures. He was the founder of the seminal 1990s DIY hardcore/punk label Bloodlink Records as well as the founder of the touring Lost Film Festival in the 2000s. He currently serves as a technical and strategic advisor for several decentralization tech projects.

His current projects include Mandelbot, Ecotech, Goostruder, Groucho Fractal, AncientScan, and Ptelepathetique.

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Michael Schloh von Bennewitz is a computer scientist specializing in cryptosecure electronics and embedded development. He is the founder of Monero Devices and responsible for research, development, and maintenance of Opensource software repositories. A prolific speaker in four languages, Michael presents at technical meetings every year.

Kris: A techno-optimist on a quest to blend humans and chips seamlessly. Catch me at 'Chipocalypse', where I'll demystify the future of under-skin tech with a touch of humor. Let's embrace the microchip marvel! 🌐🤝⚡

Webmaster by day, curious chipmaster and biohacker by night. Currently running a company providing cyborg augmentations for Czech audience and occasionally dabling with security and artificial inteligence.