Knowledge is Currency
10-02, 16:00–16:45 (Europe/Prague), Studio 2 - Slévárna

Using distributed networks to create a solutions for the growing number of victims produced by the cancel culture and institutionalized education. Furthermore, learn about my story of escaping communist Australia, and my observation of the local rebilion groups.

Since the dawn of time, we have been searching for answers, questioning our origins, purpose, and destiny. The Gutenberg press enabled people to share knowledge through books, bypassing institutions (middleman), while the Internet freed the flow of information across the planet, giving us access to lost archives and stories that were otherwise inaccessible.

Now we are faced with several new challenges, the cancel culture posining our world, limiting expressions and thoughts, and the decaying education system which has turned into indoctornation.

The traditional educational system is better aligned with selling knowledge by indebting students and creating specialized workers, thus limiting their choices in life, than it is with the notion of empowering people so that they can free themselves from compartmentalized learning and financial slavery.

This talk will cover the power of decentralized education.

Founder of the World’s first Decentralized Autonomous University, Bittopia University. An advocate of decentralization, P2P economies, privacy, and bottom-up strategies. Netexplo UNESCO Grand Prix award winner, international speaker and educator.

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