Re-claim Your Digital Privacy and Freedom (Workshop)
10-01, 15:00–16:30 (Europe/Prague), Institute of Cryptoanarchy

Empower yourself and learn how to protect your personal data in a connected world. One of the most important skills to master, unlock your inner ninja and enhance your security and knowledge, YOU can control your own data and freedom.

We will go through the following topics together, so you can apply these methods and decentralized apps to protect your data and gain your freedom back.

  • Using a password manager to securely create and manage accounts.
  • Moving away from Gmail and looking into alternative solutions.
  • Exploring friendly alternatives for messaging apps.
  • Protecting your right to free speech and expression.
  • Limiting personal data collection by Big Tech.
  • Why not all VPNs are the same and how to select a good service.
  • Replacing iCloud, Dropbox, and Google with privacy-respecting solutions.
  • What are De-Googled phones and how do they work.
  • Going beyond Windows and macOS laptops.

Founder of the World’s first Decentralized Autonomous University, Bittopia University. An advocate of decentralization, P2P economies, privacy, and bottom-up strategies. Netexplo UNESCO Grand Prix award winner, international speaker and educator.

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